New Update 2 years later


Not a great shot, but looking out the front right window of the C-17 coming South from Christchurch. Flying over the centuries old ice formations about halfway to McMurdo Station. This was the next to last leg to get to our new one year home at Amundsen-Scott. The flight down was just over 5 hours with nearly 100 passangers and cargo. USAP and Kiwi staff were all mingled together.


Eating our bagged lunches we picked up at the airport prior to boarding. This the rear of the C-17, where all the cargo was stowed for transit. All four pictured were headed to Pole with me and all wintered over. Only Clint, left side, had been to Pole previously. The rest of the four of us were all newbies, not really sure what to expect. This was taken about a week after completing our firefighter training in Aurora Colorado.


Boom! Welcome the bottom of the Earth! After getting off the C-17 on Pegasus runway, we started our walk to the transports to McMurdo. The mountain to the left is Mount Erebus, the southernmost active volcano on Earth. The largest station in Antarctica lies in the shadow of Erebus.


Turning back to have a look at the Air force transport before boarding our ‘bus’. The air was super crisp and not as cold as I had expected. That would come in just a few days when we got to Pole! Walking on the ice with a bit of drifted snow and the clear skies certainly turned out to be a great beginning. The C-17 can only land during the colder months, as during the ‘summer’, the ice is far too thin to support it.


Our winter over sous chef, Hunter Davis, and amazing photographer on the ride to McMurdo. We were among the 12 first arrivals to head down to Pole to start replenishing and replacing the previous winter overs. If you look back at previous posts on this blog, you can see some of his wonderful work! Great in the kitchen also!!

This is just a quick update, but look forward to posting not only old pics from previous years, but also some new stuff from the current crew on station!




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