Night pics


The VMF arch and the LO arch, which the door is covered with blown snow. Our HEO Les Lemon will be getting that cleared out as soon as the temps get a bit higher. Today it is -85f, far too cold to operate the heavy equipment in.




While on rounds Sunday, I was able to capture this ‘jet stream’ aurora out by Cryo. It was the only one in the sky at the time, and was followed shortly by heavy gusts of wind on my way returning to the station from the rod well. Many thanks to Hunter Davis on showing me how to set up my action cam to be able to take these shots, and now I wish I hadn’t waited so long! All of the pictures I’m posting were set with a 20 second exposure, which next week on rounds will be 5 seconds. Maybe I can eliminate some of the glare.



These two shots of the beer can taken from opposite ends of the elevated station A pod roof give you a good idea of how much in the middle of nowhere we really are. The long exposure time on the camera makes the moon look like the sun! The wind wasn’t gusting all that bad when I took these, thankfully!


The new Cryo building facing from the backyard towards the elevated station. NOAA and Met both use the building to launch their respective balloons. You can see the large oversized doors on the right of the building. The stacks in the foreground are staged for Les to setup additional waste collection containers as they are needed. Les is not only our heavy equipment operator, but this season has also taken the roll of ‘wastey’ for the winter.

rod well

This building is the rod well. Placed about a mile or so out from the elevated station, this where we get our fresh water from. Drilled some 400 feet deep into the ice, the ‘bulb’ allows the submersible pump to keep a consistent flow of water to and from the power plants water treatment room and back to the well via the ice tunnels. This is one of many buildings we check daily on rounds, as well as every Saturday depth and pump adjustments. The drifts to the left are approaching 7 feet high.

elv sta 2

A view of the backside of the elevated station as seen from where Cargo, the booze barn, and haz waste are located. The exhaust from the power plant is blowing the direction it usually does about 90% of the time, away from the clean air sector and ARO. The winds has been fairly low this winter, and therefore the drifts have not been as bad. As the sun comes up and the weather gets more moderate, Les and a few others will spend upwards of 12 hours a day moving snow in preparation for station open, which is set for November 1.

Finn SP

A friend of Gavin’s (holding the sign with me to my right) son was recently in the hospital to have an ear attached, which he had been born without. The FMC group all got together with our Medical staff (Sarah and Catherine) to take this picture to help keep his spirits up! To a fast recovery Finn!

10 meter SPT roof

Moon SPT roof

From the roof of SPT, you get a good look at the 10 meter dish (and the boiler exhaust, which we clean off every week!), and a look at the moon to the ‘north’ of the station.

OB deck moon cross

The bright moon cross, looking out towards the ski way, where our planes land, from the observation deck on the ‘west’ side of the station. The red light far out to the right is the Ice Cube.


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  1. Dempsey West says:

    The end of your tour is fast approaching. Did you learn a lot? Been nice corresponding with you. Take care.


  2. Dempsey West says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the stimulating conversation we have had this past year. What a joy it is to be able to converse with someone as knowledgeable and verbally gifted as you most definitely are. Keep up the wonderful work your doing.


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