Month of the Julian


Courtesy Dr. James Casey, ICL

The last flight of the summer season, on February 15th 2017, as it prepares to pass overhead, the pilot dips the wings in tradition. For those of us ‘rookies’ preparing to begin our first winter over here at South Pole, we though that the -50f temperatures were cold. Did we ever learn the hard way, that that is to be considered warm!

Next Year

Courtesy Dr. James Casey, ICL

Having completed the wave, the last LC-130 of the season heads to McMurdo Station with the outgoing summer staff. We did have a few Basler’s and Twin Otters come through the next two weeks, as all aircraft made their way off continent for the Antarctic winter. The fuel line, in the foreground would then be torn down and stored on the berms until late September or early October. Next LC-130 is scheduled to arrive October 30th, contingent on weather and plane availability.


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