Half way there!

Purple Mapo.jpg

Courtesy Hunterdavis.photography

May 1st marked the 50% completion point for me here at Amundsen-Scott Station. My body has certainly adapted to the extreme change in temperature from Arizona to the South Pole, and even the altitude here doesn’t seem as rough anymore, even with us sitting around 11,000 feet for well over a month. The isolation of not being able to leave whenever you want and only having 45 other people that you see every day has been pretty much what I had expected all along, and thus has been very easy to live with. While there are a wide variety of view points and life experiences spread among us, everyone sure seems to get along quite well, and we have become a tight community.

10m milky way.jpg Courtesy Dr. Daniel Michalik

As I have written prior, the night sky certainly does not disappoint here! For the majority of the time, we have very clear skies, which allows us to see the Milky Way ring, the Auroras, and some of the planets, like Jupiter above. It has been a long journey, but seeing the night sky like we do makes that much better!

61 sats.jpg

Courtesy Dr. Daniel Michalik

This image shows two satellites crossing the sky above Building 61, which is the power relay station for the Dark Sector. Of course, the auroras are awesome to look at also! This building is directly across from MAPO on the left side of the road before you get to SPT and BICEP3, with Ice Cube Lab behind and further out to the left.

feet up.jpg Courtesy Hunterdavis.photography

Is there a better image to leave off with then this one? Again, we see Hunter laying around on the job, looking at the heavens, marveling at the insanely beautiful aurora lights! This was taken on the ‘road’ to the Dark Sector, as you can see SPT far in the background. Typically, the human eye is not able to pick up such a wide array of colors, so were are thrilled that cameras can! The red light just at the tip of his toe, is that of Ice Cube. There are many times when walking out that way, it is so dark, those lights are life savers! A quick update, the kitchen work has been completed, and is currently back up and running, which really makes everyone on station smile, including our staff like Hunter! Our internet is still not great right now, so the videos I wanted to post tonight are not able to be loaded, but should be possibly as early as this weekend!


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    Righteous stuff right there


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