Night Lights

Courtesy of Robert Schwarz

The early auroras here at the south pole have been amazing. As the sky continues to get darker with the moon moving more into our shadow from the sun, our sky is becoming more radiant every day.


Courtesy of Adam West

The red light of the A4 wing emergency exit with the aurora over and behind DZ, is a great contrast and one of the better visualizations I have yet seen.


Courtesy of Adam West

This aurora, which likely did not last long, was brilliant. Notice how the side of the A4 wing that gets more wind exposure, is frosting up. During the ‘summer’ when temperatures rarely got even close -40f, this would not happen, but now there is no sun light at all.

Courtesy of Adam West

Adam did a wonderful job showing the movement or progression of the aurora. The camera he uses is much better than the human eye at picking up the visual colors. While you are standing outside watching them, this early in the winter season they are not as bright as they will be in a few months, but are still breathtaking to see!

Flag Lights

Courtesy of Hunter Davis

This panoramic shot from Hunter was taken a few weeks ago, but certainly gives the viewer an idea of just how far the auroras stretch in our sky. Hunter and I will be going out tomorrow while I am on rounds, in hopes of getting some more of these amazing shots!

Kitchen (1 of 2)

The last two weeks, and going on into our third, have been a challenge, as the much needed galley duct system is getting some love. Bill Johnson, Mike Pintur, Rick Osburn and Pete Gougeon have the galley ceiling torn out and the grease completely gone at this point. The above and below pictures courtesy of Hunter Davis.

Kitchen (2 of 2)

Our temps continues to change, mostly staying in the -90f range, and we are not sure when the triple digits will grace us with the crazy lows! I will be sure to take a screen shot of the weather page when this does finally happen, so you can see how crazy we all are here!

Many thanks to those on station who have the correct photographic equipment, so that those of us who came ill-prepared can benefit from this!

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  1. Harvey says:

    Adam west batman Adam west? Lol awesome pics.


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