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2 degree sun 1.JPG

The above picture was taken a few days ago, it shows the sun at its current elevation above the horizon here, which is 2 degrees. Monday, March 20th at 2330 local time, it is scheduled to go beneath the horizon. I am told it will take upwards of a month before we are in our 6 month night portion of winter here at South Pole.

Winter Jon Snow.JPG

This is a ‘southern’ view from the second floor, just before the ‘beer can’. The exhaust stacks for the power plant can barely be seen, as the overcast low hanging clouds and wind are really messing with visibility! Temperatures this week were as follows: Monday, -80 F ambient with -115 F wind chill (which we don’t even bother looking at here) to today, Saturday being -45 F, with winds from 0 knots upwards of 15 knots! The cloud cover has really ‘warmed’ it up down here!


Photo courtesy of Dr. Martin Wolf

The power plant exhaust earlier in the month.

Under Glow (1 of 1).jpg

Photo courtesy of Hunter Davis

Rear of the elevated station, between B and A4 pods.

So, now that I have some new info, I can explain the lack of recent posts. We seem to be having numerous satellite connectivity issues, some here, others at tracking locations. These are currently being repaired with the hopes that our internet access will improve shortly.


Part of my winter tasking, is to continue and complete if possible, the forced main sewer line from the EPP (emergency power plant) subfloor in B pod until it hits the ‘beer can’. The above picture is a prefabricated section of 4″ PVC I built for the final gravity feed to the sewage tank in the subfloor of the aforementioned EPP. This replacement section, along with the remainder of the B pod forced main, was started Monday, and completed with a full return to service on Thursday. Many people were involved in the task, and there is certainly no way I could have done it without them! The second area will be started in April, as it requires another shutdown of the utilities in B pod to accomplish. See? I actually do work down here!

Greenhouse 2.JPG

Above is our growth chamber, or hydroponic greenhouse, where we grow our ‘freshies’ for the winter. This is run 100% by volunteers, and all 46 of us reap the benefits of fresh salads, tomatoes, cucumbers and more!

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