Above is the picture of Buzz Aldrin before he was medical evacuated a few months ago, sorry for the delay! From left to right is Adam West, Doug Howe and Matt Smith, all of which are wintering over with me.

So as of last week, the 15th, the station is now closed until late October. That simply means the 46 of us here have to find a way to stay sane and get along! This really shouldn’t be an issue, as most of us have been together since the second week of October in Denver.

The weather continues to get colder, as we have already hit -50F with wind chills in the low -80 range. The sun is expected to start going down mid next month, which I’m told will take numerous days, with darkness to follow a week after. We are all really looking forward to the Antarctic night and the amazing auroras that come with it! On the negative side of that, is the insane -100f temps we will have to survive! It should be interesting while I do rounds to all the outlying heated buildings every 4 weeks where you can’t wear goggles due to the fact that after -80f, they simply freeze up. Oh joy! Being from Arizona, this new winter thing should be very interesting!

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6 Responses to Winter!!!

  1. Jenn says:

    -100 holy shit!!!!! Good luck in the coming months!!


  2. Dempsey West says:

    John Carpenter comes to mind.

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  3. Are you a member of the 300 Club yet?


  4. Mark says:

    Good luck buddy, hopefully there’s hockey to watch….

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