Whew! What a month!

Me and Anthony Bourdain.JPG

So, a few weeks ago, Anthony Bourdain and his film crew spent most of the day here at our station. They are in Antarctica for around 8 days filming for an episode of his TV show that they said will air in the fall this year. You could certainly tell that the elevation was taking its toll on the whole group! They got shots at the ceremonial and geographical south poles, went into the Ice Tunnels, and of course some time with our head chef Bryan. I’m sure their time went very fast!

The above shot is when the Air Force did a practice run of an emergency air drop. If during the winter, we were having an issue and in desperate need of something, they would have to do the air drop. The C-17 can’t land here, as the ski way is simply packed snow and you need to have skis attached, which the 17 wasn’t designed for. The third picture is of our ‘dark sector’ labs. These telescopes are very sensitive in the dark winter to light, so their placement nearly a mile distant allows the projects a perfect setting.

The large 10 meter dish had a major overhaul this summer, and is ready to get back to work! It has been a long 100 day ‘summer’ season for that group, often working very long shifts attempting to get the new system up and running for winter.

As of today, Sunday February 12th, the station only has 3 more days of being open before we shift to a lower population and final preparations for 9 months alone. At this point, only 5 or 6 more winter overs are due to arrive, and we should be right around the 50 person mark. The sun should start setting some time in March, and should take almost 2 weeks to go below the horizon, the 6 months of darkness and amazing sights to be seen in the sky!

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2 Responses to Whew! What a month!

  1. Fruit bat says:

    Sounds like fun… Glad everything is going well!


  2. Dempsey West says:

    Good to hear from you. Sounds like you’re getting a lot of visitors. Hope you can stay busy while the sun is down. I sent you the pj pants with pockets. Figured you’d need a place to put the tv remote. See you soon.

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