Technical Update

So, I seem to have neglected some of the technical things that we live with on a daily basis here at South Pole. Some of the high points:

– We get 2 two minutes showers every 7 days, and 1 load of laundry. The reasons for this are simple, we only have fresh water that we melt from the ice (called the rod well, which currently is providing us with 2,000 year old water!), and then have to add minerals to make it useable by us Old Antarctic Explorers! OAE is a term for anyone who winters over, so all the ‘part time’ summer people don’t get to join this club!

– If we don’t get flights, and we haven’t gotten one for a week now (gotta love the USAF Air National Guard from NY), 100% of our food is frozen. Our galley crew does an AMAZING job with the variety and quality here! When we do get flights, they usually have freshies (fresh fruits and veg, rarely other things like dairy). In winter, as we are ‘closed’ due to the extreme cold, no freshies EVER.

-As the station is elevated and built on a 2 mile thick dome of ice, all buildings settle at their own rates due to weight differential. So this basically means issues, that as the plumber, keep me fairly busy. But, I’m not the only one. The Power Plant arch is ‘sinking’ faster then the Vertical Tower ( referred to as the beer can, but not if NSF is asking!), and thus, our stellar electrician’s Dave and Peter, are having to reroute all the feeders to the main station.

– On a weather note, on Sunday, we actually got to +.4F!!! This, sadly, did not last long! This temp was reached WITHOUT wind chill being factored in. Many have said it will get warmer before mid January. We shall see!

We have now gotten 2 of the 3 Traverse groups in. These ‘trains’ go over land from McMurdo to Pole with all of our fuel for the remainder of Summer threw the Winter. I’m trying to get the video they made, and will post it soon. It takes the group nearly 17 days to make the trek, and we are happy they are here and should join us for Christmas! The first group was delayed, and missed Thanksgiving, but should be base to Mac Town in time to celebrate!

If you have any questions or requests, feel free to comment with them!!

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11 Responses to Technical Update

  1. Mark Smith says:

    What do you about that anomaly down in neck of the woods. 150 miles across buried in the ice, alien base, or Nazi secret base, or a portal to the center of the hallow Earth?


  2. Mark Smith says:

    Right on, general thought it is an impacter the hit millions of years ago. Did your package arrive?


  3. Mark Smith says:

    We’ll maybe in the next week then.
    Our Gnome is do better , we might see him in the first week of February.
    Things are about same very busy for the team we still have four out for another month.


  4. Mark Smith says:

    We got the FB back at work, he fluttering around the place with a slight lean to one side but he is good to go.


  5. HeroicZeppo says:

    Hey Stoli sounds like you’re living the dream brother. Just checking in see how you were doing at the bottom.


  6. mwardok says:

    Hey Stoli sounds like you’re living the dream brother. Just checking in see how you were doing at the bottom. This is Zeppo btw.


  7. Mark Smith says:

    Read that Haley VI base has to relocate due a crack in the ice shelf. How are things where you are at does the ice move or just build up?


  8. Mark Smith says:

    Hey did the package arrive?


  9. Mark Smith says:

    Hey you there?


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