Yup, Buzz was here

So, now that all the news is reporting it, it’s ok for us to talk about it. Former NASA Astronaut and second man on the Moon, Buzz Aldren was here at the South Pole yesterday. Sadly, even though he was only here as a ‘tourist’, he had to be medically evacuated to McMurdo due to health issues. I was able to assist in getting him off station, and am glad to report he did arrive in McMurdo and was later on his way to Christchurch New Zealand. I can’t say if just the altitude here was the main cause of his issues, but as I’ve stated before, you just never know how your body will react to this environment. I will pictures up from yesterday sometime tomorrow!

It has been an interesting summer thus far, and we are now at 68 days from station ‘closing’, where the only people left will be those of us crazy enough to do a full winter at Pole! Oh, by the way, three times more people have summited Mount Everest than have wintered at South Pole! Just and FYI!

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13 Responses to Yup, Buzz was here

  1. Mark Smith says:

    Was wondering where he stopped at. Saw an article about noctilucent clouds forming at your location have you seen them?


  2. Mark Smith says:

    Oh we are holding things together, we are down five staff across all three shifts, lucky for me/us we have a really good group and everyone who are on shift are chipping in and getting it done but I for one am feeling those multiple long days. Finally cooled off here some say it’s freezing I say it nearly perfect – 50s, 60s. What’s the routine like in your neck of woods if you can talk about? What time zone are you in?


  3. Mark Smith says:

    Forgot did you pick up that small item that we were talking about right before you left for the SP? As a picture of that would be good, if you should need or like something sent your way how would be done?


  4. Holly Hudson says:

    Happy post Thanksgiving and Merry upcoming Christmas Brian! We miss you lots and hope you are doing well and enjoying life in the ice.


  5. Dempsey West says:

    Have Merry Christmas. Hope Santa brings you everything you want. Except more snow.


  6. Mark Smith says:

    I was checking how to mail something but it states mail should be sent by Oct. 15. If I send a package will it make it to you?


  7. jpantera2017 says:

    Hey buddy!! How’s the chow? Do they have a full time chef there?


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