So the above picture is over a month old almost. Due to issues with the LC-130’s at McMurdo, we flew to South Pole in this Bassler, DC-3. There were only 12 of us allowed to go, and seeing as how I’m on Fire Team, I was one of the lucky first few to go in this way. No heat, no cabin pressurization, max altitude of 13,000 feet. We flew THROUGH the Antarctic mountains, not over them! Very cool indeed! Sadly, we were also weight restricted, so no luggage save 2 very small bags. I seem to remember it took at least a week before another flight came in with our full complement of bags. This photo is courtesy of Sous Chef Hunter Davis.

Thanksgiving plate.JPG

So, Thanksgiving was held on a Saturday, allowing everyone on Station two days off, save our awesome Kitchen staff. This was my plate. Wine, and hard hot cider were served! Volunteers will run the kitchen for an upcoming weekend to give our staff a well deserved break!


The above picture is destination Alpha. Once you arrive, this is the entry way for you to get into the station. The ‘ski way’ where all of the flights land is to the right. Every plane that lands here requires skis, as the ‘runway’ is nothing more than compacted snow and ice. Most days visibility is anywhere form 2-4 miles, with 2 days of no wind and a few more where nothing could fly in.

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3 Responses to December!!!

  1. Mark says:

    Awesome, happy thanksgiving, looks like quite the place


  2. Dempsey West says:

    What an experience. To fly through the mountains. That had to be kind of noisy too. I hope you have some other colors besides white. What do you do during your off hours?


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