Another attempt…..

So this is going to be my third attempt in as many days to post. Due to our internet issues, this page keeps timing out, so here goes! We had our Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday night, and I must say the galley crew continues to shine! I will get all the pics sorted and posted soon!

Some information of the station here, it was completed in 2008 after nearly a decade in the total process was finally achieved, replacing the old dome structure built in 1975. The elevated station houses 150 people, encompasses 70,000 sqft, and can be raised twice to extend it’s life in the harsh Antarctic environment. Each winter huge snow drifts accumulate on the “southern” side or back of the station. These are cleared over the summer season by our amazing heavy equipment crews, in preparation for the next winter! The main station is connected via a large vertical tower to our 4 arches and ice tunnels. These include the power plant, food storage, fuel storage, and the trades shops and vehicle maintenance facility. They tend to stay cooler then outside, at least during the summer. The ice tunnels are where our fresh water travels to the station, and where the sewage/waste flows out to storage in the ice. This area remains around -60 year round, and requires constant upkeep from our hard working carpenter crews.

Scientific research is the primary reason we are here, and there is a bunch going on in numerous fields, from climate to astronomy and beyond. The total number of outbuildings ranges from 20-50, depending on season and deployments from the various projects.

Weather here at Pole is getting very nice, in respect to what it can be! We have had days of as high as -18 and nearly no wind, with better days still to come in late December and through most of January. That is a heat wave considering it was -60 when I got off the Basler a month ago!

Thanks for checking in, and I look forward to more posts and pics for you to enjoy!

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10 Responses to Another attempt…..

  1. Fruit bat says:

    Saw that John Kerry was there to visit? Where you affected by the earthquake near by???


    • stoli70onice says:

      Due to crappy weather at McMurdo, Kerry never made it down here. The earthquake in New Zealand was reported to us, but had no direct affect to our operations there. Poor people, so damn nice, and they keep getting hit.


  2. Mark says:

    Do you get go out with the research teams exploring? If you do and you come across a meteorite will you be able to keep it?


  3. Dempsey West says:

    Sounds like a good experience. One you can tell your Grandchildren. Looking forward to more blogs.


  4. Mark Luttinen says:

    Thanks for the update, sounds like an interesting life.


  5. Mark L says:

    I tried to post, but it didn’t take… sounds like fun!


  6. Mark Smith says:

    Watching Continent 7 Antarctica on National Geographic mostly Scott Base stuff, do you see wildlife there, can you go fishing there?


    • stoli70onice says:

      Sadly, nothing lives here but us. We are basically living on a frozen ocean, ice2 miles thick. Palmer and McMurdo get the wildlife, even so, no fishing is permitted. All due to the international treaty. Scott base is very clos to McMurdo.


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