South Pole Update

Well, I’m almost a week in here at Pole. We had our first fire drill today, this will allow what is left of last seasons winter over crew to head off ice today! The weather has been fairly good, cold and clear with average winds. We are currently at -45F and 8 knot winds. Elevation today feels around 10,434 feet, all in all, pretty decent.

I found out today that I will not have a crew, as it seems there are no pressing projects for me to tackle, at this time. This will simply allow me to cross train and learn new skills, exactly what I was looking for!

For some reason, I’m having issues posting pics and vids, but I’m still working on that! If you have any suggestion, feel free to let me know!

About stoli70onice, and twitter is stoli70onice!!!
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6 Responses to South Pole Update

  1. Dempsey West says:

    What is your address? How do I mail stuff to you?


    • stoli70onice says:

      Hey Dempsey! Not only is our internet an issue, but we are seriously falling behind in flights due to weather and plane break downs. You can try to send stuff to this address, but don’t try to mail anything after January 1st, as the station ‘closes’ on February 15.
      Brian Vacha
      Winter Over
      South Pole Station
      PSC 768 box 400
      APO AP 96958-0001

      Thanks man! Hope things are going well!


  2. Mark Smith says:

    Hey Brian

    Just checking on you, also I didn’t get the password for the mini from you?

    Our Gnome is down ended up in the ED possible bad ticker, Cath Lab work then going home last I heard . I stopped by and spoke with him in the ED earlier today.



  3. Mark Smith says:

    The Gnome survived and will be back sometime we hope around the end of Feb. The password did work thanks


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