Off and running

Well, here it is. The first of what is to be many travel days enroute to the South pole. I must say, that after getting the TSA PreCheck completed, that was 100% worth the $89 I spent on it in Denver! If you are EVER going to fly, this program is a MUST!

I am currently waiting at my gate, breakfast panini and Fiji water in hand. While I am very excited for this to happen, it was not easy saying goodbye to my wonderful wife. I was unable to contain the tears. I’m already counting down to when we meet back up in New Zealand for 2 weeks!

Sorry for the short post, more later today I’m hoping!

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2 Responses to Off and running

  1. FruitBat says:

    You CHEW.
    Good Luck!


  2. Holly Hudson says:

    Best of Luck Brian! We miss you here but are hopeful that this journey is one of great fulfillment for you! Stay frosty!!


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