Short Timing it

So, this Monday morning, October 10th at 830 AM, I get on my first of many flights in the next 3-4 weeks. While the last month or so has flown by, the stress and worry, mostly generated by myself, has been well worth the wait! As an update, I did start a twitch (stoli70onice) and added a new email just for the blog, My hopes are that it is going to be much easier to follow the page.

I have been asked a few times about internet availability while at the Pole. All I know as of today is that the majority of the bandwidth is slotted for the scientific endeavors at the station, which is as it should be. I am there to support the research efforts, but  will have access to internet. For the gamers I know, the internet does not support online gaming, sadly, but that is something I will just have to get used to!

I would like to thank Twitch streamers Luckyy and Buttwipe (LaB) and Loriipops (Popsquad) for their interest in my journey, and moderators MMyself and Sigpro for their help!

My goal for posts will try to be as frequent as possibly two to three times a week, but again this will be determined by how hard internet access will be to get! I am there to work, and not blog!

Stay frosty!!

About stoli70onice, and twitter is stoli70onice!!!
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2 Responses to Short Timing it

  1. Harvey says:

    Have a safe trip bro. Cant wait to see pics.


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