Stress time!

Well, with a little over a week until I head to Denver for 2 weeks of training, I am stressing over the fact that USAP Travel hasn’t gotten me my information yet as far as flights and accommodations. I try to remain patient, as I know I’m not the only one waiting. I did on the other hand receive my fire training info for the second week, and it appears we will be busy! The last time I did actual firefighting training was in the Navy, circa 1993, so it will be interesting to see how rusty I am, and how much the technology has changed!

I am hoping to have some time the first week to go see the hotel where the Shining was based in Estes Park, about 70 miles northwest of Denver, elevation around 8,000 feet. That will be our team building week at Rocky Mountain YMCA. I look forward with anticipation to meet and get to know those as crazy as myself willing to do South Pole duty for a year!

If you have any questions I can answer before I head out, feel free to comment below and I will get to them ASAP!!

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3 Responses to Stress time!

  1. FruitBat says:

    Ice Machine……..


  2. Mark says:

    Estes park looks nice, and do they have ice machines in Antarctica?


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