PQ’d Today!

So, today, September 21, 2016 is the official start of my journey. I have been notified by UTMB Polar Medical that I have been PQ’d (Physical qualified) for deployment for the Austral Winter of 2017 in Antarctica! This has been the most drawn out and stressful part in the last few months in route to this adventure!

While this is an exciting time in my life, it does not come without some serious drawbacks. Sadly I will have to be away from my wife for the deployment, but we do intend to have our ‘delayed’ honeymoon in New Zealand at the end of my time on the ice. This will be difficult for both of us, but I firmly believe that our relationship is strong enough to get through!

Sorry this is so short, but its time to finish my last week here at The Mayo Clinic!



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